About Deluxe

Deluxe was born out of two women’s passion for artisan screen printing and love of cutting-edge fashion. Yes, that’s right, two bold women pioneers decided they would trailblaze their way into the screen printing industry as the first female owned and operated shop in Los Angeles. With humble beginnings, Elsie Acevedo and Liza D’Agostino started printing in their very own garage in 2008.

How dare those ladies get out of the kitchen, you say? Elsie, for one, had worked for a major screen printing company for 15 years until she mastered the trade and became a leading expert in the industry. When you’re that good, why not set out on your own, right? That’s what she said. ;)

Liza added her entrepreneurial spirit, big ol’ heart, and genuine love of tees to the business. Unfortunately, Liza lost her battle with cancer on September 4, 2012. Chin up friend, Liza’s spirit lives on in the way we do business.

So here we are. As Elsie always says, “We’re tiny, but we’re mighty!” Our clients include bands, major designer labels, gyms, schools, and a wide range of businesses. We offer the latest styles, hottest trends, and highest quality apparel brands with fashion consultants on hand to help bring your prints to life.

We’re proud to be a local small business that treats our clients like family, giving every order the care and attention it deserves.