Q. What is your minimum?
Q.What are the artwork requirements?
Q.How do I submit my artwork to you?
Q. What is custom printing and what is contract printing?
Q. Can you print one sample before running the whole production or do press checks?
Q.What is your lead time or turn-around time?
Q.What is the largest screen you can do?
Q. Can you print all over screen (jumbo) running of seams?
Q.What type of apparel do you have to offer?
Q. Can you print on hats?
Q. What kind of ink techniques can you print?
Q. Is there a cost difference between the ink techniques?
Q.Do you print on other fabrics besides cotton?
Q.Can you do rush orders?
Q. Can you do all over printing on garments?
Q. Can you ship it to us?
Q. Can we drop ship to your factory?
Q. Can we bring in our own shirts?
Q. What areas can you print on?
Q. Do you sell shirts made in the United States?
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