Ink Techniques

We offer a variety of print techniques to meet all your needs.


This ink is the most commonly used ink in the industry. Plastisol inks sits on top of the fabric , giving the image a superior color saturation and durability.

Water base

Water base inks are eco-friendly and water soluble. The ink absorbs to the fibers of the garment achieving a soft hand touch. Water base inks are considered premium and desirable for achieving a high-end look.


Discharge ink is a water based product that is formulated by adding an activator to the ink in order to remove the dye from the fabric. Discharge works on 100% cotton. Excellent for dark colored grounds.

Soft Hand Plastisol

Is plastisol ink mixed with an additive to soften the ink. It creates a soft hand feel. This technique is often used to create a "vintage" look.


Metallic inks are infused with small particles to create a shimmer look. They are great for creating a foil or glitter imitation.


Is a reflective mirror like technique applied by printing a coat of adhesive to the garment and then heat sealing the area with a sheet of foil. Great for those who like a little Bling!

Glow n' the dark

Yes, it really glows in the dark!

Clear Gel

Is a plastisol based gel that gives a glossy wet look. Clear gel is perfect for watermarks and cool effects.

Puff Ink

Puff is a plastisol based inks that raise above the surface adding density and texture to your print. Almost 3D like!